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Time for a Musical Performance!
misery_genius wrote in labocabana
Heeey, you guys remember Maria's totally amazing parody "Hely Knows Best" right?
Well, I couldn't resist Heloise being given her own little villain song, and hinted I'd sing it.
And yaknow? I finally did it! (Took me long enough...)

Here it is, I hope you all enjoy! <3

So should I do more? XD; This was really fun! Time-consuming, but fun, and I'd like to do it again~! Assuming you all don't think I'm a horrible singer... 8U

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Yakko really really does not like you.

I however do. That's freaking creepy. I love it.

That was awesome! I bestow onto you a big ol' virtual hug!

I still can't believe someone would want to sing my parody. I'm extremely flattered. Like I said before, you have an adorable voice and I plan on listening to this again and again. :'D

YAY HUGS 8'D ahhomg no hugs from lotso though, he'll pull out a knife and stab me ;_;

I'm so, so happy you like it! You wrote such a cool song I totally knew I had to sing it eventually! <3<3<3

Aw, but I love that psycho bear. ;_; He's no better than Heloise

Of course I like it! Now I wanna write more parodies and try singing some myself. 8D

I'd love to hear you sing too! 8'D

I have a microphone that I'm gonna try to see if I can get to work this weekend. I actually wanna try singing the reprise too because your take is so epic. =3

Oh my gosh, that sounds fun~! 8D
If you do it, I can't wait to hear!

...Is there a version I can download? yeah i know i can use a website but im lazy. Because this was so epic, I want it on my MP3 player.

omg you're gonna have my singing on your mp3 player 8'D IT'S LIKE I'M FAMOUS OR SOMETHING *brick'd*

both Part 1 and the Reprise~!

Just wanna let you know, I shall be putting this in my ipod as well. <3

oh my god I feel like some kind of celebrity ;A; THIS IS SO SURREAL <3<3<3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AHHHH

Words do not suffice to describe the awesomeness of this.
Instead, I'll let this Ren icon do the talking.

Aww, thank you so much! <3<3<3

This is just completely AWESOME! REALLY! It does sound like you're having so much fun too!

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